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Musings on the fatality of infinite loops and other stuff.

A Fresh Start

2014 has just started a month ago and I’ve painfully realized that I didn’t come up with any New Year’s resolutions at that time. There is no resolution to violate, consequently, no reason to feel bad at all – so why not start a new blog which I could then feel bad about when I post nothing for months?! Well, to be serious, that’s at least how all my blogging attempts have ended so far. I definitely don’t know if history will repeat itself again this time. Maybe this post will actually stay the only post for two months? Any bets? ;–)

Anyway, I better shortly summarize what I plan blogging about. Being a software developer, tech topics will probably dominate. Still I can’t promise not to rant about some random topic from time to time ;–) As an Emacs user I might blog about my Elisp learning progress or other stuff like the one and only org-mode. Using Octopress as my blogging engine it will be unavoidable to mention it as well, ranging from plugins and customizations to its philosophy. From time to time I’d also like talking about my journeys to Haskell wonderland and Clojure(Script) development. Or mention some Android apps? There are enough topics for sure, we’ll see if there is enough motivation to carry on blogging as well ;–)

Let’s hope the best!